Frequently Asked Questions

All Questions about Machine Learning Inception course answered


What is the last date of admission?

The last date of payment for admission to Machine Learning Inception 2019 is 23rd August, 2019.

When will the next batch start?

We have no next batch planned yet. So if you are really interested in the course, we recommend you enroll this time itself.

I work in a corporate and my whole team wants to enroll? What can I do?

If 3 or more than 3 of your friends are applying or you are a manager who wants his team to get enrolled, we have a special group discount that we offer. Please contact for such requests.

When will the course start?

The course induction will take place on 24th August 2019. The schedule will be shared with you once you enroll for the course.

The last date to apply has ended? What can I do now?

We will take admissions after the last date only if it's a special case and seats are left in the course. Please contact if you want to apply.


When are payments due?

If you have taken the monthly option, your payment is due at the date of the month on which you made the first payment. For example, if you made the first payment on 6th February, further payments will be due on the 6th of the following months.

The payment will be auto deducted from your credit card and you don't need to take any action to complete the payment.

What type of payment options do you offer?

For the monthly fee payment option, we accept all major Credit cards in India for Indian and International Customers.

Will I get a receipt/transaction slip after successful payment?

Yes, you will get an official receipt in your mail after each successful payment.

I don't have a credit card. What should I do?

If you don't have a credit card and are not able to complete the payment, send a mail to to request for payment through debit card or call us on +91-7028001699

My payment was not successful, However, the amount was deducted from my bank account/card? What will be the action taken from your side?

If we didn’t receive your payment but it was deducted from your bank, it will returned to your account within 10 days. If it doesn’t get credited in your account, please contact your bank customer case and they will resolve the issue.

After multiple attempts, payment is still not successful. How to proceed?

If you payment is not going through, feel free to contact us on or call us on +91-7028001699

Course Schedule and Access

What is the schedule of the sessions in Inception?

The live sessions will take place during the weekend. Since in the batch there are students from different time zones, the batch timings are decided so that everybody is able to attend the session live. 

Duration of classes

The class duration every weekend is 2 hours each day.

What about mentoring sessions?

In addition to the weekly main sessions, you also get weekly mentorship and QnA sessions sometimes during the week. This is an optional session for you to attend and you can ask any questions regarding the syllabus or career guidance during the sessions.

What if I cancel mid-term?

Check out the refund policy for more details.


Immediately after the session gets over, its recordings are available in the facebook group. You can rewatch them anytime, even after the course duration is completed and you are graduated.